Community Advisory Committee

The Tri-City SELPA Community Advisory Committee (CAC) serves in an advisory capacity. CAC membership includes parents of individuals with exceptional needs enrolled in public or private schools, parents of other students enrolled in member LEAs, students with disabilities, adults with disabilities, general education teachers, special education teachers, other school personnel, representatives of other public and private agencies, and persons concerned with the needs of individuals with exceptional needs. At least a majority of the CAC shall be composed of parents of students enrolled in schools participating in the local plan, and at least a majority of such parents shall be parents of individuals with exceptional needs.


CAC members shall be appointed by LEA governing boards. Selection of members of the Community Advisory Committee will be the responsibility of each administrator of special education acting for the local board, and with its approval. The SELPA Director or designee serves as an ex-officio member of the CAC and acts as the liaison between the CAC and the Superintendents’ Council.


CAC responsibilities include:

  1. Advise the Superintendents’ Council and the Administrative Council with respect to review of the local plan.
  2. Recommend annual priorities to be addressed by the SELPA.
  3. Assist in parent education and in recruiting parents and other volunteers who may contribute to the implementation of the plan.
  4. Encourage community involvement in the development of the local plan.
  5. Support activities on behalf of individuals with exceptional needs.
  6. Assist in parent awareness of the importance of regular school attendance.


The CAC shall have regularly scheduled meetings not less than two times per year. All meetings of the committee shall be held according to law. Member LEA’s will post all announcements of CAC meetings and activities at each LEA’s district office.

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