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Dispute Resolution

Tri-City SELPA is committed to helping families and schools resolve issues and conflicts related to special education disputes. Our goal is to assist and intervene early, offering suggestions to resolve concerns. We are proud to offer the following services:


Facilitated IEP’s –Request an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) neutral facilitator when you are concerned the IEP team meeting may have very challenging issues to resolve.


Resolution Sessions – The Resolution Session may be held prior to filing for due process or a compliance complaint. This is a problem solving meeting between parents and the school with the help of an ADR neutral facilitator.


Professional Development– The SELPA offers a variety of different workshops and trainings to meet your needs. Training topics may include the following: · Communication Skills · Looking at Problems from a Different Perspective · Facilitation Skills · Dealing with Anger · Administrative Designee Training


To access any SELPA ADR service, please contact either of the following:

Marc Purchin at (310) 202-1155 or [email protected]

Deanna Sinfield at (310) 842-4220 x4367 or [email protected]